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Friday, May 8, 2009

Piano Exam

That was scary!!!!!!!
we have to play this song on the piano and everyone is listening at you.
Soooooo if you make a mistake everyone`s going to hear it.
Sooooooooooo scary!!!!!!!!
But so lucky of me, the teacher forgot about me.But you know me and my big mouth when miss said is any body leftout i have to say "me miss" and i also put my hand out. So i was last in the list, but unfortunatly because i was last in the list the bell went before miss called my name.So i have to stay behind to do my part of the exam.Our teacher was very nice. she said we were too noisy and if we were baby she will give us dummy.Instead she give lollypop as our dummy.But she give me 2 lollypop because i have too stay behind for my test. I almost forgot i get an A or B+ on my test im not sure which one i got A or B+.Well some more exam is coming up so wish me luck.

1 comment:

  1. all the best kakak for your exam.. keep up good work ok.. LoVeS Untie Fa Luton


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