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Thursday, December 31, 2009

malaysia im home

it`s about 3 month we arive at malaysia the first thing we arive we go to ayahcik (my uncle) house then on the same day cikngah (my untie) come to ayahcik house and bring us lot`s of durian`shttp://www.thaitable.com/images/ingredients/pictures/2Durian.jpg
then we look at our house it look terible but now we paint the wall oitside but not all of it and the gate have been repaint aswell.then we balik kampung none of my sepupu was there coz they still go to school and it`s kinda wierd coz usally when we balik kampung there`s so many people and so noisy but when we balik kampung when everyone work and go to school it was so quite.
then i think we when to my sepupu house first cikngah house the makteh house (may other untie)and we eat more durian we go to agama camp.it was fun and we got present at the end and we only go to the camp 4 a month.the camp start at 8:00 and end at 12:00but we usally go home at 1:00 or something.the ustazah and ustaz was very funny.it was fun.
lately i been palying netball and foot ball every afternoon it was fun but i sweat a lotso after i play i mandi strait away (sorry i don`t know how 2 pell it).
ustaz said that it`s not so good to mandi after magrib -midnight so i have to mandi befour magrib.and he also said that if u mandi at around 2-4 in the morningit will help u learn better.
well thats all for now bye
schools going to start and im still not settel im sooooo scared.
help meeeeee
oh well hope of seeing you lampeterain he he he


  1. Salam Kakak,
    Happy new year..!! So glad to hear news from u. The Durian was so tempting indeed.. Don't worry. u ll soon be able to settle down well, just relax, everything ll be fine, insyaAllah..

    Abi just left to Lampeter, was in my house since arrived here. Lets pray Abi ll get flying colour of his PhD viva ok..

    Warm regards to ummi & adik2 yeah, miss all of u sooo much!!

    Loves - M/Chik Fa. Luton

  2. TAHNIAH Kakak!!!
    Abi dah lulus his PhD viva.. I m really happy & proud of him & the whole family.. Mesti Ummi gembira and bangga.. Tahniah unt Ummi juga :)

  3. Wow! The durian sure looks yummy! ;)

  4. heheheh that wasn`t the actual durian we ate we didn`t know where the camera was that time so i just take the pic from internet


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