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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

snow falling

thanx to my best friend i learn how to do snow falling but it`s kinda small sorry.
so to who like falling snow here`s a pink and black one .(the black one is more clear then the pick)

pink snow

black snow


  1. Oh, forgot to tell you, if you want a more effective effect of the snow, change your background to a black one and use the pink snow.

    Your blog's fab with the snow! (:

    Love, x

  2. thanx i love yur very very verry very much avery time i vist it there`s always somethings new. ilove to visit yur blog.i know but black is not realy my clour.but it`s fine as black snow i just wish it`s a little bigger.but i still like it.

    miss `n` love


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